Black Pigment

Black pigments have been around since human kind discovered they could take a burnt stick and make a mark. Some may argue as to whether it is the oldest pigment but it's safe to say it's probably one of the first. Black is a color that despite the fashion trends of the market, remains a classic. The color of prosperity, rebellion, or class, black is must in any palette. In choosing an appropriate black pigment it is most important to think of the application first.

Iron Oxide Black is a very opaque pigment with a very high tinting strength. It is an indestructible pigment and can therefore be used in such demanding applications as fresco and concrete tinting.

Bone Black is made from animal bones. It has a warm undertone and is a semi-transparent pigment. This makes it excellent for glazing applications.

Lamp Black was historically made by lamp light as the name implies. It is as it was back then a very soft black which is beautiful for glazes with a bit of warmth. Artists beware it is a slow dryer in oil.

Ivory Black used to made from ivory (hence the name) but today it is commonly made from a mixture of bone and iron oxide black. We're sure there are a lot of relieved rhinos and elephants. Generally speaking, it has a somewhat cool undertone.

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